Friday, July 30, 2010

Cookin’ in the Kitchen

Someone has become a big helper in the kitchen lately.  I can’t stand next to the counter without hearing a chair scrape across the floor and a little voice saying “I can help you.”

It’s a precious gift for a mom to get to teach her little ones kitchen skills.  I just think we may need to work a little on the wardrobe.




Monday, July 26, 2010

Fishy, fishy swim


Today is the first day of swim lessons.  I know, the Summer has almost left us but it’s been a busy one and it’s the earliest we could fit them into the game.  The kiddos don’t mind the delay and are completely psyched and ready to go. 

They both dressed themselves.  One of them does a little better job than the other.  Someone may have his swim trunks on backward but don’t mention it.  I mean, really don’t waste your breathe.  He’s dressed, he’s ready to swim and they both look perfect!



Friday, July 23, 2010

Dance Little Doll

Ella christened the Summer with her first dance recital at Steps of Faith Performing Arts Center. She was a delight to watch but the real fun was backstage.  She twisted and twirled and marveled at her hair and make-up and costumes.  It was all Ella in her purest form!


Don’t get me wrong.  She took her job seriously and practiced her poses with her carefully perfected ballerina face and posture.


Until she realized that she was dressed and fluffed and needed to go potty.  Go figure!  It turns out that I peeled her out of her three layers of costume for a false alarm.  Good grief!  It’s good that I love this one so much!


After her beautiful ballet performance, we moved onto the exciting 10 Commandment Boogie tap.  This dance was made for my girl and she felt it the instant she put on her costume.  Her energy was contagious and I couldn’t help but laugh!  Just look at my girl!



After my darling’s performances we marveled at how she sang along with each song.  She quickly informed us that she was reciting her moves (shuffle, shuffle, step…).  Serious I say!

She was over the moon at the receipt of her medal and flowers


Ella considers herself a professional dancer, now.  In fact, she watched a group break dancing in the park last week and has been practicing ever since.  I’m a little concerned about her neck! Dance classes can’t start back soon enough.