Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A moment in time

At least once a week I think to myself that I would like to freeze my kids in time and remember them at this exact moment.  On the other hand, at least 20 times a week I say I prayer that I’ll survive this exact moment.


Today I’d like to remember my sweet Ella’s gappy smile.  She loves to tell me that people think she “loosed” a tooth but she didn’t really “loosed” a tooth, yet.  Someday that gap will be replaced by big girl teeth and I’ll be a little sad.   

I also love that I can’t take a picture of her without her holding her arms in the air in a dramatic pose.  That’s my free spirited, happy go lucky girl!


This is the look that is so purely 3 year old Bryce.  In fact, he has given me a version of this look since he was a little baby and will probably continue through adulthood. 

Bryce is my quiet thinker with an energy level as high as his hair. He is moody and wild and steals everyone’s hearts.

Today’s a fantastic day for sunshine and smiles and good memories.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in our house

I love my children.  They are spunky, creative, and independent thinkers.  There are a few times in life that I would like to reign these qualities in a notch, family Easter pictures being high on the list.

Each year I set of goal of capturing that perfect shot of the whole family in their Easter best and, while the photographs are being taken, I actually convince myself that it went well.  However, upon closer review, I realize that our Easter portraits, although not perfect, exemplify our lives.




We did manage to capture a couple of lovely moments, but that family photo still eludes us.





Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Budding Artist

My sweet Ella loves to draw.  She can color for hours and loves to find new ways to express her inner creativity.  I'm her biggest fan.  I encourage her to express herself.  Unfortunately, yesterday’s medium took the Ra out of my cheer!

I heard giggling.  This is easily one of the best sounds God ever made.  I then heard my sweet baby boy say, “Ella made me silly.”

As I rounded the corner, here’s the view I encountered.


That’s dry erase marker and an elephant on my little man’s cheek.  Brilliant, huh?


Someday this will be the head shot she’ll use in her artwork portfolio.

Bryce felt pretty bad about the whole ordeal.  Can’t you tell?