Sunday, August 24, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

I guess the old saying is true because when I went outside yesterday evening to call my husband in for supper, this is what I found…


My very talented husband had been working on one of our cars and had apparently rubbed his hands up and down his face.  Why would he do that? 

Upon returning inside I found this…


My precious baby boy had finished his meal and had also rubbed his little grubby hands all over his face (and his clothes and his high chair but what I can say, he’s an overachiever).

But in the midst of all of this dirt there is a shining light.  My sweet grubby-faced baby does see the value in clean hands.  In fact, he makes regular trips to the bathroom just to wash his hands in that water-filled basin that is so conveniently located right at his eye level.  I’m so proud!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let us dance…

Almost every afternoon my kids and I turn on music and dance.  We leap, we twirl and we shake our booties.  It’s not sophisticated but it is a special time we share that no one really knows about.

Today I was particularly disgusted with the state of the house and was busy picking up toys, gathering laundry and generally raking the clutter together when my sweet angel asked if we could dance.  I almost told her to wait and then my mind was flooded with the thought that she’s only going to be this little, this loving, and this mine for a little while. 

You see, tonight my husband will attend the funeral of a child who attended his home church.  I have no doubt that God is working through the life and death of this beautiful girl and that his perfect will shall be accomplished; but the human part of me continues to struggle.  

I am not proud to admit that I have questions and I have fears and I just want to hold onto my kids extra tight in an attempt to protect them from this big bad world.  (I know, God, you’ve got them and thank you.

God’s still working on this part of me.

So in the meantime, we danced, we sang and we even ate peaches on the carpet.  All this with dishes in the sink, laundry in the hamper and toys almost everywhere. I will never be mistaken for Martha Stewart but somehow all that just seems a little less important.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Her worm crawled OUT of the apple


This is what our wonderful preschool teacher whispered to me as I picked up my precious girl at school today.  It is a good thing that I read the note that was sent home yesterday or I might have been a little confused by this statement.  It appears that the new rating system involves an apple, a worm and a bucket.  Obviously, the worm is not supposed to come out of the apple but we are all terribly grateful it did not fall in the bucket!

I didn’t  love to hear the news about the condition of the worm but I realize we will have ups and downs and some days will be better than others.  I know we are all still adjusting to the whole “school world”.  I just hope God understands my prayer when I pray that the worm stays in the apple.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Update to our Glamorous Life

We have started a new trend in bathroom decor.  It is called toilet paper in a basket.  Chic, huh?  Can you guess who what inspired this brilliant idea?


Monday, August 11, 2008



The above is a photograph I took this afterno0n, but do not be deceived.  Glitz and glamour do not live here.  Nope!  This is the collection of crystals my 18 month old has plucked from the dining room chandelier throughout the day.  He removed a jewel or two each time he visited until he had this extraordinary collection.  Impressive.

I also found him perched upon the kitchen counter this morning sipping the remnants of my morning cup of coffee and rummaging for snacks. (I do feed him but he never gets full!)  This was after I discovered him in the shower with a pump bottle of hand soap, attempting to give himself a waterless bath.  It is so much fun now that he can open doors by himself.

How, you may ask, am I able to record these transgressions? Worry not.  The little criminal is safely behind bars.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

She has left the nest

My firstborn, precious baby girl started her first day of preschool today.  It seems like just yesterday that she looked at me and said, “Mommy you're my best friend.  You’re my precious angel.”  Well, actually it was yesterday which made it even more difficult to leave her! 

She started the day with big hair, a banana, and a lot of excited talk about the adventures  to come.


Here is the mandatory first day of school picture with the sparkling white shoes.  (they will never look this way again!)


I got teary as I left her.  She was unfazed.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that she’s trying to give me the brush off in this picture.


Someday I hope to be as resilient and brave as my children.  They jump into new situations without hesitation.  They seek out new friends and don’t wait for friends to find them, and they quickly bounce back when things do not go their way.  Maybe when I grow up.