Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Week of Firsts

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This week has been filled with backpacks, lunch totes and nap mats.  That’s right. It’s back to school time.  Actually, it’s just school time since this week has been a week of firsts in the McCleary house.


This little doll started Kindergarten this week.  I do not think I have ever seen a little girl more excited about school.  She has bounced around all week and takes particular pride in how “big” she is now. 

One of my favorite moments this week was when she came home marveling at how you can get ice cream out of the freezer at school and there’s “no money”.   She hasn’t quite figured out that mom and dad deposit money into her lunchroom account!  I love my Ella so much and she just adores everyone and everything!


Also this week, Bryce started preschool.  He loves school and bounces into the building 3 mornings a week.  Unfortunately, he bounces through the day and is having a little difficulty sitting in his chair and walking in line.  In fact, his monkey went to “monkey jail” this week.  oops!  He assures us that next week will be better and we’re working toward a more tame Bryce.  Let us pause for a moment of prayer. :-)

It has been a great week overall but I have to admit that I miss my babies terribly.  I count down the minutes each day until I can pick them up.  Jake says this part will get better but I think it may be a little while.  However, I love watching my tired little boy who can’t manage to make it through the car rider line without a little nap.  I think I may have found a little magic in the waiting.



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